What ‘Shell' a Local Animal Rescue Name Their New Tortoise?

Cast your vote in Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue's "shell-ection"

New Tortoise at Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue 2
Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue

Alpine's Lions Tigers & Bears Exotic Animal Rescue is calling on San Diego-area kids and animal enthusiasts to help pick the name of their first-ever shelled-rescue: A 100-pound sulcata tortoise.

The tortoise is now calling the sanctuary home but he still needs another familiar comfort: A name.

So, the animal sanctuary is hosting a little name "shell-ection." To submit your name choice for the tortoise and cast your vote, you can visit the animal rescue's website here.

The facility is asking for a donation (in any amount) in order to fill out the name form and cast your vote.

The virtual voting portal will close this Friday. The tortoise's name will be announced on the facility's social media platforms in the coming weeks.

Locals and visitors alike can take an educational trip to Lions Tigers & Bears and meet the new tortoise as well as big cats, bears, and other animals.

New Tortoise at Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue
Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue
Meet the new sulcata tortoise at Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Rescue

The sanctuary is participating in Kids Free October, which gives one free child’s pass with the purchase of an adult “Member for a Day” pass.

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