San Diegans Share Images of Mysterious Light in Sky

A bright white or blue light was reported all across the West Coast on November 7, 2015. These are some of the images shared by NBC 7 viewers.

20 photos
Marty Dine
Eerie glow over San Diego Saturday night US Navy missile test makes cool light show
(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Kenneth G. Takada/Released)
The bright light in the sky over the West Coast was caused by a missile launch from USS Kentucky, according to the military. The SSBN 737 is seen here transits the Hood Canal during its return to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor earlier this year.
Marty Dine
Eerie glow over San Diego Saturday night US Navy missile test makes cool light show
Danielle Schultz
UFO blue light at a wedding I was shooting a wedding tonight in Ramona, CA and I saw the strange blue light right about the building. It was during the groom and mother of the groom dance. It was so weird so I had to catch a couple of photos of it. Thought you might be interested in sharing it.
Allie Anderson
Missilie? Rocket ship? Took about 60 seconds from start to finish. Crazy!
David Appleton
Photo of the rocket test This is my photo of yesterday's rocket test as seen from Anza Borrego Desert State Park
Jessica Wagner
strange light picture courtesy of Raylynn Epley
Bright light in the sky Bright light in the sky
Light I the sky Mystery
Danny Gallipoli shared this image of what he described as "weird lights in the sky blue lights west in the sky from Poway"
Kaitlin Griffin
ufo bright lights beams over san diego area and ufo like figure speeds away leaving green fog like cloud behind.
Craig Racicot
Rocket explosion. My wife and I just witnessed what looked like another rocket from vendenburg? Sent from my iPhone
jamie mosberg
North County Bright Light Phenomena Photos of North County Bright Lights in the sky at approx 6pm
Theresa Davis
Explosion in San Diego Sky My husband and I were on our deck when suddenly a bright light in the sky "exploded" and formed a perfect round circle of light. It had a blue streak coming from the middle of the light. The round circle of light lasted at least ten minutes, leaving a dark blue glow for a while. Attached is the photo I got with my iphone about 1 minute after it happened.
Lawrence Knutsson
San Diego meteor 11-7-15 Huge ball of light with blue vapor trail
Jamie Mosberg
North County Bright Light in Sky
Blue Light Over San Diego blue light in sky. seen from San Diego Yacht Club
Kikig Garcia
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Marianne Bates
Bird Plane or Meteor First a bright white light, then fog. The bright light disappeared then turned blue.
Kacey Kennedy Roth
Video of sky From 5 south at la Costa tonight
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