Museum Toasts to Beerology Exhibit

San Diego Museum of Man at Balboa Park is home to some cool brewing facts

San Diegans love craft beer so much, there are now multiple places to learn about the wondrous beverage.

First San Diego History Center opened its “Bottle and Kegged” exhibit and now there’s Beerology at the San Diego Museum of Man.

The beer-focused exhibit looks at brews throughout the ages, from the time of ancient Egyptians to Sumerians. The facts are pretty neat, turns out Amazonian headhunters used to brew booze in the middle of the forest!

Cool artifacts will also be on display – including the solid gold beer cup an in Inca king. Plus the museum will also have a monthly party highlighting local breweries.

The exhibit is on now until July 2014. Entrance to Beerology is included with museum admission.

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