Last Minute Travel Tips

Hitting the road on a bargain

August is the best and worst time to travel all at once. It's a busy time as families try to get in their last summer vacation but as school begins, those travel rates and fees start dropping.

"August is a pretty good month to travel, especially in the latter part of August," said Get a Room President Bob Diener. He says flights to New York and Las Vegas are some of the lowest prices of the year.

But Diener says you shouldn't necessarily book a round-trip ticket.

"All airlines set their rates each way, so there is really no benefit to taking the same airline round trip anymore," said Diener.

Diener says 50 percent of the time he's finding better fares by booking two one-way flights.

As for hotels, the co-founder of and says look for special deals for an extra night's stay.

"Stay through Monday or check-in a day early and look to see if the rate is the same or it may be a big discount for staying that third night," said Diener.

Get a Room offers discounted rates on the website but also offers "unpublished" rates you can only get by calling a number on the site. Diener says they can often offer an additional 10-20 percent off the room rate.

But the travel expert says you also have to look out for additional charges like parking and Wi-Fi connection.

And Diener says anyone traveling with children should book hotels that offer free breakfast.

"Not a continental breakfast, but an American breakfast, which means eggs and French toast," says Diener.

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