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Stormtroopers March Across the Golden Gate Bridge



    Stormtroopers March Across the Golden Gate Bridge

    The Empire was not embarking on an Imperial raid.

    More than 60 Stormtroopers crossed the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday to help launch a nonprofit with the goal of raising funds for children battling cancer.

    At 7 a.m., a large group clad in Stormtrooper armor gathered near the bridge to support Kevin Doyle complete the final leg of his two-month round-trip walk from San Francisco to Comic Con in San Diego.  

    "It's breathtaking," Doyle said. "I can't put into words right now the support. The sincere gratitude that people have been showing for what I've been doing is great."

    To honor his late wife who died of pancreatic cancer, Doyle, a member of the "Star Wars" costuming fan club 501st Legion, has been walking the Pacific Coast Highway to raise the funds needed to create Eileen's Little Angels, a nonprofit foundation. The couple were extreme Star Wars fans, to such an extent that R2-D2 served as ring-bearer at their wedding. 

    "I know she'd be proud of me for making this journey and completing my passions from grief to celebration," Doyle said. 

    Earlier this year, Doyle walked over 600 miles in full Stormtrooper attire from the Rancho Obi-Wan Star Wars Museum in Petaluma to the Comic Con convention in Southern California.

    Man Walks 600 Miles in Stormtrooper CostumeMan Walks 600 Miles in Stormtrooper Costume

    Kevin Doyle, 56, has walked nearly 600 miles down the coast of California from Petaluma to San Diego in a stormtrooper costume. Through the journey, Doyle is paying tribute to his late wife and hoping to raise awareness about cancer. NBC 7’s Chris Chan reports on July 7, 2015.
    (Published Tuesday, July 7, 2015)

    He has now made his way back to the Bay Area, but said it was his first time walking the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Doyle hails from Minnesota and came to California to do the walk. 

    Raji Ramanathan contributed to this story.