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San Diego County Fair 2018 by the Numbers



    San Diego County Fair 2018 by the Numbers
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    Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls said it went through three tons of cinnamon and sugar to create its offerings like these, Rainbow Cinnamon Rolls.

    It’s sad to see it end – the cotton candy, thrill rides, carnival games of the 2018 San Diego County Fair.

    Wednesday was the final day and organizers say more than 1.5 million people visited the fairgrounds.

    The final attendance of 1,565,933 was lower than the record set in 2016 of 1,609,481, according to fair organizers.

    Even so, fairgoers had their full of the special “unicorn foods” offered to tie into the Candyland theme of “How Sweet It Is.”

    Here’s a look at this year’s fair by the numbers:

    4,726: Photos taken on the mascot Sparkle the Unicorn

    63: Kids who cried when meeting the mascot

    35,000: Turkey legs sold by Juicy’s

    1,056: Pieces of pie consumed at the Pie Eating Contest

    720 gallons: Tapatio sauce used by customers of Tasti Chips

    264: Cars in the car shows

    43: Babies competing in three “Baby Derby” contests

    31: Participants in the Father/Child Look-a-like Contest

    200: gallons of caramel sauce used for Caramel Crack Fries at Biggy’s Meat Market

    10,000: Avocadoes deep-fried by Chicken Charlie’s

    86: Kegs sold of Tangerine-A-Fair, the signature draft beer 

    50: People who got cold feet out of the estimated 2,500 who took the bungee plunge

    9: Age of the youngest person who jumped in the bungee plunge

    3 tons: Cinnamon and sugar used by Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls

    1,600: Spaghetti Donuts sold by Pignotti’s

    58: Pieces of gum chewed in the bubble gum blowing contests

    53,600: Bags of Kettle Corn popcorn sold

    3,670: Firework shells used in the 20-minute Fourth of July fireworks show

    $551,965: Money raised for 4H and FFA youth at the livestock auction

    56: Sets of keys turned in to Lost & Found

    28,050: Entertainers who performed at the fair