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SD Fair Vendors See Bigger Spending



    Fair Patrons Giving Fare Share to Economy

    Economists use all sort of indicators to measure the success of the economy. But what does the San Diego County Fair revenue tell us? NBC 7's Consumer Bob has the story. (Published Friday, June 20, 2014)

     Economist have all sorts of ways to see which direction the economy is heading, but the vendors at the San Diego County Fair say they have a pretty good idea.

    “People are coming out and spending money,” said George Crist with Carddine Spas. “They’re spending bigger money this year.”

    Crist said that’s far different than it was four and five years ago when people couldn’t afford to upgrade their backyard. And while he said sales are improving, it’s not where it was in 2005 and before.

    Ken McBrearty agrees. He’s been selling Swiss Peelers for 30 years.

    He said while sales are picking up, people are still holding onto their money.

    “It’s not as good as we used to do 30 years ago,” said McBrearty. "Now you have to work harder."

    Clive Johnston sells graters the next aisle over from McBrearty.

    He said it’s much easier to sell a $20 item at the fair than something selling for $2,000. But like all the venders, he sees a slow but steady improvement in the economy, though he adds sellers at the fair always do well.

    “Pitchmen never starved in the depression,” said Johnston, “and for the most part over the years, that’s true. It’s either pretty good or good.”