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Preview Night Shows Promising Shows for Fall

See what had the most buzz on Wednesday night at Comic-Con



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    SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 17: Myke Soler (C) of California walks outside the San Diego Convention Center dressed as a clone trooper from the "Star Wars" movie franchise with his wife Kimberly Soler during Comic-Con International 2013 on July 17, 2013 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

    While a ton of people were on the convention floor battling other folks for that whachmacalit or that doodad, at the opening night of the San Diego Comic-Con, a few others decided to skip the chaos and take a peek into the future. 

    For the sixth year in a row, Comic-Con held a special screening of some of the best and worst of fall’s upcoming pilots.

    There appeared to be a couple of hits in the mix and one that may leave wondering how this show wound up on the fall schedule.

    The show that seemed to have the most buzz is “The Tomorrow People.” Here’s the good, the cast is one of the best looking casts to be on TV. Everyone is so beautiful and covergirl/coverboy-ish. The story is intriguing: What if humans could evolve to the next level, what responsibility would they have? And What about the humans who don’t evolve? How could these two cultures co-exist.

    It stars Robbie Armell who is the cousin of “Arrow” star Stephen Armell.

    He discovers he has abilities beyond mortal men, and then meets another group of teens who share his ability. The show has a few moments of “edge of your seat” excitement, and then there’s a big twist that you won’t see coming. (We who attended the screening did see it coming because the Comic-Con folks ran a trailer for the show before they aired it and it spoiled a major plot line.)

    “Almost Human” was okay but not spectacular. It had a stellar cast (Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Minka Kelly).

    Urban stars as Detective Kennex who’s coming off a disability after he’s hurt during a police ambush in the future. During the ambush he loses a part of his leg because of his human-like android partner. The robots are called synthetics and help the police keep the peace. After Kennex destroys his new partner, he pairs up with a new android, but this one has more human characteristics.

    Will these two be able to trust one another to get to the bottom of a mystery which may destroy their department?

    We don’t know, but right now, I’m willing to invest the time in the fall to find out.

    One thing I won’t be spending any time on besides the hour of my life I won’t get back is “The 100.”

    In the future, mankind is forced into space because of a nuclear holocaust. And for hundreds of years, they’re forced to stay way from Earth. 

    But then one day, they decide to send 100 of their kids (all juvenile delinquents) to earth to determine if the place is safe. Think “Lost” but instead on Earth and with teenagers. With no food, no adult supervision, how will these kids make it.

    Hopefully, this will be pulled from the line up quickly so we don’t care.

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