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Posh Plate: $360 Entree at Avalon Hotel

Gilded Kagoshima A5 Wagyu beef and Golden Russian Osetra caviar, anyone?



    Posh Plate: $360 Entree at Avalon Hotel
    The new Golden Surf & Turf at Oliverio at Avalon Hotel arrives with sumptuous ingredients and a sumptuous price tag: $360.

    The word "splurge" can mean many different things, from an impulse lipstick purchase to laying down a hefty stack of cash for a dream car.

    But when eating out? It typically signifies that you'll be trying foods you very rarely eat, if ever, and the price may be squarely the truly once-in-a-lifetime territory.

    The newest dining denizen of that rare roster is the Golden Surf & Turf, which just made its debut at Oliverio at Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. The meat-and-seafood entree boasts succulent Kagoshima A5 Wagyu beef and Golden Russian Osetra caviar, and it boasts a premium that contains not two numbers, but three: $360, to be exact.

    Indeed, entrees at fine dining rooms can alight anywhere in the $25 to $75 range, with occasional flirtations with a hundred dollars, so $360 is, how shall we say? Beyond the foodie fold and deep within the supper stratosphere.

    It's major.

    The beef, by the by, is "gilded," and both elements arrive on "a bed of vibrant saffron risotto." So sumptuousness abounds, if you're curious.

    "The dish is inspired by a traditional offering from Milan, which features saffron risotto and braised veal," said Executive Chef Mirko Paderno. "We wanted to go with a twist on a classic dish that incorporates true Beverly Hills luxury and elegance."

    The chef continued: "High-quality beef, edible gold leaves and caviar do just that."

    The Golden Surf & Turf isn't Oliverio's first foray into posh plates: The Hamburger al Tartufo, a truffle burger, once was on the menu. But the truffle cheese and the two ounces of fresh white truffles required, well, truffles, which are "highly seasonal" and not always easy to procure.

    And more expensive items have cameo'd on menus around the world over recent years, like the Diamond Martini of Japan, which rung in at a cool $15,000, give or take.

    One could enjoy over 41 Golden Surf & Turfs for that rather amazing amount. Bon appetit, splurgers.