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Grown-Up Field Trip: Sex and the City Zoo

Visitors who are 21+ learn of animal amour.



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    Do Giant River Otters require a little mood lighting to make romance? Adults 21-and-over discover more about the birds, bees, otters, and more animalia at Sex and the City Zoo. It puckers up on Saturday, Feb. 7.

    It is common to see "21 and over" on signs above tavern doors and at concert venues, but one does not expect it at a place that's commonly a family destination. 

    Unless it is February, and within shouting distance of Valentine's Day, and it is time to teach, in delightful detail, a little bit about the birds and the bees and the koalas and the chimpanzees and the reptiles and the otters. Sex-themed talks at metropolitan zoos across the country have become popular for the 21+ set, and our own animal park is very much in the swing of things, once again, with Sex and the City Zoo.

    The Saturday, Feb. 7 affair is definitely for the grown-ups, in part because it won't be a normal trip to the zoo. Expect a frank and funny learning presentation at the zoo's Witherbee Auditorium, followed by an optional dinner. The presentation will be led by actress Joleen Lutz, who happens to be an interpretive naturalist of zoology. "(A)nimal mating, dating, and cohabitating" will be examined during the seriously informative but not-too-serious night.

    And if you're worried that you won't get to see any actual animals during your zoo visit, a few small beasties will call upon the auditorium for a chance at some up-close interaction with visitors. 

    You're welcome to just purchase a ticket for the presentation, or you can throw dinner at the zoo's Reggie's Bistro into the mix as well. The meal follows the talk, meaning you and any friend you go with should have much to discuss. So very much. Who will blush the most? Neither of you, right? Now you'll have the facts of animal amour, and facts shouldn't cause giggling.

    Well. We won't judge.

    The dinner menu includes goodies like tea-brined chicken, Parisienne gnocchi, and prime beef hangar steak (you'll choose among a few options).

    How much is it to broaden your knowledge of furry/feathering flirting (and all that naturally follows)? The presentation is $40, and adding on dinner is another $75.

    You said you wanted to change things up this Valentine's Day, right? This'll about do it, all righty. Hoo boy. Goodness gracious. Look at the time.