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"Survivor" Tribe Surprises Another Castaway

Shambo voted off ahead of weekend finale



    "Survivor" Tribe Surprises Another Castaway
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    Jeff Probst latest cast of "Survivor's" will soon be whittled down to one.

    The tribe has spoken: Shambo was "a traitor" to her original tribe, Galu, by voting with Foa Foa, but her allies finally betrayed her and voted her out of the game. One reason, as Russell said: "one day without her would be heaven" because "she's been getting on my nerves since day one." At the reward, Jaison described her as acting "like a 45-year-old seven-year-old," and she basically agreed.

    Thank you for stabbing me in the back: Shambo was blindsided by the people she helped, but in her exit interview, she said Foa Foa's remaining members "were loyal and true to their tribe, as they should be," and called them "a very, very loyal group" — so loyal to her they wrote her name down without hesitation.

    The real target: Brett is the person everyone wants out because he's so likeable, but he won immunity for the second time in a row. Shambo went home instead of Mick because Russell and Jaison think Mick can help them keep Brett from winning immunity. Earlier, Brett told us, "I don't play this game overly aggressively. I don't want to get in people's faces." Considering we barely recognize your face, Brett, mission accomplished.

    Shambolicious: During the reward challenge, Jeff Probst asked Shambo about her mullet. "What do you call that hair, Shambo?" She replied, "Shambolicious, baby," saying she's had it since 1986 because "you don't mess with perfection, baby." Russell said she "she should shave that whole head" and said he suspects she sneaks food in her hair. At least she has hair to hide stuff in, Russell.

    God help us: The final six split into two teams for the reward challenge, and Natalie asked her teammate, "Brett, you're a prayer warrior, aren't you?" They prayed, and she said, "Let God's hand guide Brett." But on the other tribe, Shambo expressed her excitement for their success by saying, "You rock, God." In the end, Brett and Natalie's team lost, so God has apparently spoken about who he likes better in "Survivor": Shambo, Jaison, and Russell.

    Rewarded: Jaison told us that "a reward didn't mean much to me because I've never been on a reward." Then he experienced one, eating a feast with a local village, and said "to have that day off was absolutely amazing." Before going dancing, he proved that he was reinvigorated, saying, "I'm fortified by the power of food and I'm about to get jiggy with it." 

    The final three hours: Sunday is the "Survivor Samoa" finale and live reveal and reunion, but before the jury gets to vote on the final three, two more people will go home. That'll probably be Brett and Mick, since they're considered bigger physical threats and nicer people, leaving Jaison, Natalie, and Russell to battle it for the $1 million. If he makes it to the end, will the jury reward Russell for his brilliant strategizing and game play, or punish him for being arrogant and rude about it? If Brett wins more challenges, can anyone stop him? The preview offered no hints, so tune in to find out.

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