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Stewart, Colbert Revel in Premise of Trump Debate

"Thank you, Jesus!" crowed Jon Stewart



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    No, it's not another "Apprentice" episode. Donald Trump is moderating a Republican primary presidential debate — although it might not have many candidates.

    If Herman Cain's alleged philandering was comedy gold, then Donald Trump's promised GOP debate might be comedy platinum.

    "Thank you, Jesus!" crowed Jon Stewart on Tuesday at the news of The Donald's plan to moderate his own debate. "Sometimes when God closes a door, He opens a window."

    The best news about the Trump debate, which could contain as few as two GOP candidates (only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have committed to it)…? The disgust it prompted in party heavyweights, Stewart said.

    "I love this guy!" said a delighted Stewart. "And he's gonna moderate a debate. You think he's gonna have any follow-up questions?"

    Stewart did his best Trump imitation, imagining the back-and-forth that might ensue: "'No, no, no—I wanna hear what you said when you meant I cut you off! No. Who are you to tell me, Donald Trump, whose debate this is, how the f--- to moderate a debate?'"

    Stephen Colbert used his own show Tuesday to badmouth Trump ("Donald's a clown, only with more make-up"), perhaps baiting the famously relentless tycoon to fight back.

    And with some over-the-top jokes on Trump's ostentatious lifestyle and some extended mimicry, the faux-conservative host promised to moderate his own GOP debate: The South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate.