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Hard-Partying "Jersey" Girl: "I'm Really Smart"

Sammi Sweetheart says she's a college student who's got the smarts



    Hard-Partying "Jersey" Girl: "I'm Really Smart"

    Party girl Sammi Giancola said a "Jersey" girl can be a brainiac, too.

    The curvy brunette "Jersey Shore" starlet who shacked up with eight roommates in a Seaside Heights, N.J., summer home for the MTV reality show said she's not just the booze-guzzling, move-busting party girl shown on TV.

    "People watching the show wouldn't expect me to be going to college," she told E! News. "I'm a student. I'm really smart. Im artistic. I'm unique. They just see the party side."

    Sammi, whose nickname is "Sweetheart," dished on her budding romance with fellow castmate Ronnie and said she and the muscleman have stayed together since the show stopped taping. 

    "I always had a really good feeling about him, so I knew that we would make it  far," Sammi gushed.

    But the 22-year old, who started out her Shore stint by first flirting with castmate wit Mike "The Situation," said she isn't ready to settle down any time soon.

    "I'm not thinking about marriage right now," she told E!.

    What is on her mind is a career. Sammi said she is thinking about getting into fashion design and styling.

    "That's, like, something I'm really, really interested in." 

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