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Losties Spend Big Bucks at Props, Memorabilia Auction

Everything but the smoke monster was up for grabs.



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    "Lost," the easy-to-follow tale of time traveling plane crash victims, is finishing up its final season.

    Fans of "Lost" opened up their checkbooks this weekend to take home a piece of television history.

    Some estimates put the total haul around $1.8 million, with the top item, the classic VW Dharma Van, selling for $47,500.

    Other big-ticket items include Faraday's journal ($27,500), the Frozen Donkey Wheel ($25,000), an autographed pilot script ($15,000) and Desmond's fail-safe key ($11,000).

    One of our favorite items, the Swan station computer, went for $16,000. Small price to pay for being able to save the world at home every 108 minutes.

    Not every item reached five digits. Hurley's lottery ticket (4-8-15-16-23-42) sold for $5,500, while his flash-sideways ticket (10-28-44-53-77-80) went for $1,300.

    The beverage-themed items were a bit more attainable for modest bidders, with the DHARMA-branded cola selling for $1,500, DHARMA wine at $1,200 and DHARMA water at $950.

    The two-day auction was hosted by Profiles in History and was held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

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