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Kelsey Grammer on New Conservative Network: "We're Middle-of-The-Road People"

RightNetwork launched Wednesday with Grammer as the public face



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    Kelsey Grammer has been "out" in Hollywood as a political conservative for 20 years, and now he's taking one step further into the spotlight.

    The former "Frasier" actor is an investor and the public face of RightNetwork, a new network that aims to provide entertainment content to political conversatives.

    "We're middle-of-the road people who have a fairly conservative approach to government, that's all. Less government," he told the Associated Press. "It's not some insidious group of people who are plotting some horrible takeover."

    Even though RightNetwork launched Wednesday, you won't see it on your TV schedule -- It will only be available via video-on-demand, the web and through mobile phones.

    The network's president Kevin McFeeley said that the success of Fox News Channel and the likes of Rush Limbaugh on radio have shown that the conversative audience is hungry for content.

    Grammer tends to agrees.

    "If you have NBC, ABC, you have entire networks flooded with a very particular point of view," Grammer told the AP. "They won't admit it, but it's clearly the way it is. There's plenty of room for us."

    The network's early series will include "Running," a show which follows Tea Party-backed candidates for public office; "Right2Laugh," featuring standup comedians Evan Sayet, Kivi Rogers, and Adam Yenser; "Politics and Poker," where card players will sit around and talk politics, among others.