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"Fairly Legal" Star Sarah Shahi Almost Run Over by Paris Hilton



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    "Fairly Legal" star Sarah Shahi ranted on her Twitter page after an alleged run in with Paris Hilton

    Sarah Shahi isn't one to mince words, even when limited to 140 characters.

    The "Fairly Legal" star recently had a run-in - make that, nearly a run-over - with socilite Paris Hilton, and immediatelly turned to her Twitter page to voice her outrage.

    'Paris Hilton- worst driver ever. Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign.what if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb b**ch," tweeted Shahi. 

    But it didn't stop there. Shahi went on to call Hilton a "horrible excuse for a human being," an "irresponsible person" with a "lame existence." She closed strong.

    "One more thing blonde piece of s**t," wrote Shahi. "You're not an elitist just because you have money. You should apologize...To humanity. nowI'mdone [sic]." 

    There has been no comment from the Hilton camp about the alleged incident.

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