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Beck, Cameron Feud Heats Up

Fox News host mocks "Avatar" director; Celine Dion hit in the crossfire



    Beck, Cameron Feud Heats Up
    Glenn Beck has some choice words for James Cameron -- and Celine Dion.

    Glenn Beck’s latest titanic feud now stars blockbuster director James Cameron.

    The conservative Fox News pundit boasted on his show Wednesday that his “Beck-hating hall of fame” slate includes MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews and “everyone on Law and Order.”

    Add Oscar-winning “Titanic”and “Avatar” director Cameron to the list, and perhaps Celine Dion for good measure.

    During a press event Tuesday in Los Angeles to promote “Avatar’s” DVD release, Cameron kicked off round one of the feud by accusing Beck of being an “f-ing a-hole.”

    “I've met him. He called me the anti-Christ, and not about 'Avatar,'” Cameron said when asked his opinion of Beck, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    "I couldn't believe when he was on CNN,” Cameron added. “I thought, what happened to CNN? Who is this guy? Who is this madman? And then of course he wound up on Fox News, which is where he belongs, I guess."

    Still, Cameron said would love to have a “dialog” with Beck, whose ideas on issues like global warming he called “poisonous.”

    Beck mostly laughed off the criticism, responding on his show Wednesday that he had never called Cameron the “anti-Christ” to his face.

    It was simply the "Dion song” from “Titanic” that prompted the then-CNN host to say "only pure evil could have directed" that film. Beck then backed up his case by playing the original “anti-Christ” tape from 2007.

    “Horrific, really,” he added of Dion's hit song, “My Heart Will Go On” (cue Beck’s next feud).

    But he didn’t stop there.

    “The best part -- this guy [Cameron] has carried this joke around with him for three long years,” Beck said. “The guy’s making a billion dollars on a smurf-murdering movie and he’s stewing about a joke that nobody heard on a network [CNN] that nobody watched.”

    Beck also riffed on Cameron’s pledge Tuesday to “shoot it out” with "boneheaded" global warming deniers.

    “Since he took my anti-Christ joke so seriously, I guess I have to ask James stop threatening to shoot people in the street,” Beck said. “Seventy-nine percent of Americans aren’t convinced greenhouse gases were the most important factor in the planet’s warming.

    “Why must you kill all of them?” Beck said. “Why must you kill all of them?”