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For 'Resident Evil''s Jovovich, It's Tough to Be Average

Jovovich says being an average woman is harder -- because all they do is die.



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    Fans were excited to see "Resident Evil: Retribution" actress Milla Jovovich and she responded in kind.

    Milla Jovovich says it's tougher to play an ordinary person than someone with superpowers in the "Resident Evil" world.

    In "Resident Evil: Retribution," Jovovich gets a taste of life as an average family woman in the franchise filled with undead zombies and the super soldiers battling to kill them.

    Jovovich and husband Paul W.S. Anderson, the filmmaker behind the "Resident Evil" movies, joined other cast members to preview footage of the film at the Comic-Con fan convention Friday.

    The sneak peek included a trailer that hints that Jovovich's character, Alice, isn't the superhero she thought she was, showing her with a husband and child in a happy home as the zombie chaos sets in.

    Jovovich says being an average woman is harder -- because all they do is die.

    "It was horrifying, because to be honest, I didn't really appreciate what it was like to be a superhero until I played a normal person within the `Resident Evil' world, and normal people really have it bad," Jovovich said. "They just run and scream and get killed horrifically. ...

    "Screaming and being suburban Alice, that was the worst part of the movie. I would have such a headache. It's so much easier just to have a machine gun, a cool outfit, blow them away then walk off looking really rad."

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    The fifth movie in the franchise, "Resident Evil: Retribution" opens Sept. 14.

    Anderson said the franchise is nearing an end, though he did not specify how many more movies he planned. "Retribution" had a bigger scope, he said, with a global reach and action scenes in Tokyo, Moscow, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan.

    "We really wanted to blow out the franchise and make it much bigger for the fans who have been kind of sticking with us," Anderson said. "We really feel the franchise is reaching a climax, and we wanted to make this an epic. I wanted to make the first truly post-apocalyptic film."