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“Thor” Strikes Again at Box Office



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    The god of Thunder continues to rule the box office.

    By the hammer of Thor!

    For the second week in a row, “Thor” proved to be the most powerful earner.

    The raunchy comedy “Bridesmaids” didn’t do too badly though—it earned a very respectable $24.6 million opening weekend to “Thor”’s $34.5 million.

    The total for the Paramount 3-D superhero flick? An estimated $119.2 million. Though, as the Associated Press reports, that’s not nearly as impressive as the revenue “Iron Man 2” was bringing in after two weeks in the box office this time last year—a hefty $211.2 million.

    Other openers this weekend didn’t fare so well. “Priest,” the 3-D horror/action hybrid brought in an unenthused $14.5 million, though it cost Sony’s Screen Gems a whopping $60 million to make.

    Will Ferrel’s limited release dramedy “Everything Must Go” brought in a respectable $825,000 from 218 theaters.

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