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"Spiderman" Movie Franchise Loses Tobey Maguire



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    "Spiderman" is getting a new superhero star.

    "Spiderman" is getting a new superhero star.

    The movie franchise's fourth installment has unraveled, and later installments won't feature long-time Spidey portrayer Tobey Maguire at all, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios announced Monday.

    "Spiderman 4" was moved from a May 2011 release earlier this week but was cut from Columbia's production calendar altogether Monday, E! Online reported.

    Franchise producers will re-make the series once the concept is re-worked, moving the "Spiderman" movie saga to Peter Parker's high-school days -- meaning star Tobey Maguire won't be playing Spidey.

    "Spiderman" 1-3 director Sam Raimi is also off the Spidey movie team, execs announced. Raimi said working on the movies was the "experience of a lifetime" and that he thinks studios will do a "terrific job" on the new films.

    "Spiderman" is set to re-launch in summer 2012.