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Local Stars in Iron Man 2



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    Temecula resident Davin Ransom stars in Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2 fans may be buzzing about Robert Downey, Jr.’s return as the hero or Mickey Rourke’s appearance as the villain in the sequel, but around here, it’s the boy who plays young Tony Stark who is getting most of the attention.

    Davin Ransom, of Temecula, plays the boy who grows up to become the hero Iron Man in the upcoming sequel-- Iron Man 2.

    Getting the role of the young Tony Stark was a lucky move, Ransom’s mother Heidi told our media partner the North County Times.

    The six-year old got his start as an extra a few years ago. Then, he landed roles on the MTV Movie Awards, General Hospital and just this Sunday he appeared in an episode of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”

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    The movie’s casting director found Ransom in one of the huge books of headshots provided to studios by talent agencies. He was one of three children called in for an audition and nailed it, she told the paper.

    During his commute from Temecula to movie sets, Ransom plays his Nintendo DS. Once he’s on set, he works on his homework.

    The film has already taken in more than $100-million after opening last weekend in international markets, and is projected to make more than $150-million in North America this weekend.

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    The idea that millions of people will see him on the big screen doesn’t seem to faze Ransom. He’s more concerned about a special screening planned this weekend for his friends and family.

    "I don't think I know how to sign head shots," he said

    Read more about Davin Ransom’s rise to Hollywood success in the full article in the North County Times.

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