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See Isabella Strahan celebrate finishing chemotherapy for brain cancer

Isabella Strahan, the daughter of Michael Strahan, finished her fourth and final round of chemotherapy in her treatment for medulloblastoma.

FILE - Tanita Strahan, Sophia Strahan, Michael Strahan, Isabella Strahan at the star ceremony where Michael Strahan is honored
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Isabella Strahan has a lot to celebrate.

The 19-year-old just experienced another important milestone in her journey battling medulloblastoma: the end of her chemotherapy treatment.

"Just finished chemo," Michael Strahan's daughter wrote in a June 8 TikTok video, which she captioned, "Did it."

In the 10-second video, Isabella and her twin sister Sophia Strahan name dance to Bryson Tiller's "Let 'Em Know" in a hospital, with Isabella donning a special, celebratory golden crown.

Isabella's update comes two months after she shared that instead of going through the originally planned six rounds of chemotherapy for her brain cancer, she would only undergo four.

"These are happy tears," she said in the video posted April 10. "It's not even considering crying when it's happy tears."

The University of Southern California student was especially grateful that the change in her treatment plan would allow her experience summer vacation.

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"I can kind of try and have a summer to feel better," she explained. "And I'm so happy cause I thought I'd be done at the end of July. I was supposed to do six rounds in total. And then I really would just have to go straight back to school. I'm so happy."

Isabella was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in October and underwent emergency brain surgery a day before her 19th birthday that same month. Since then, she has undergone two more surgeries in addition to her chemotherapy treatments.

And because Isabella spent her birthday unconscious following her surgery, her friends and family recently held a re-do celebration complete with homemade cupcakes.

"We're doing a little birthday celebration because I was not conscious for it," she shared with a laugh in a May 28 vlog posted on YouTube. "Happy birthday!"

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella is celebrating her birthday several months late for a sad reason, but she’s doing it with smiles and surrounded by loved ones.

The YouTuber had a positive update after finishing her second round of chemotherapy, sharing that she would only have to undergo two more rounds of instead of the originally scheduled four.

"These are happy tears," she said in a video posted April 10. "It's not even considering crying when it's happy tears."

However, Isabella hit a bump in the road in her treatment plan when she had to undergo a third craniotomy. According to the teen, this procedure was unlike anything she had previously experienced.

"Not going to lie, I've been crying a lot," she detailed in an April 12 vlog. "They sunk a needle in three spots and drained fluid, and I was completely awake for this. So, my first completely awake surgery."

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