Rachel Lindsay Deletes Instagram Account Following Harassment From ‘Bachelor' Fans

Rachel Lindsay’s podcast co-host Van Lathan said Bachelor Nation fans should "get a f--ing life" after "The Bachelorette" star received "hateful" messages on Instagram about Chris Harrison

Rachel Lindsay's podcast co-host is outraged over how Bachelor Nation fans have treated her in recent weeks.

"Higher Learning's" Van Lathan went to bat for "The Bachelorette" star after she deactivated her Instagram account on Friday, Feb. 26. He shared a video on Instagram to explain why his friend was forced to delete her account in the midst of the show's heated controversy about those old photos.

Lathan explained why Lindsay went offline, saying, "She did it because that's how much hate she is getting from Bachelor fans, who are spamming her with all kinds of rude, hateful things to say." He added, "Y'all gotta get a f--ing life, seriously."

He went on to say, "Rachel is not responsible for Chris Harrison, a 49-year-old man who can't read the room in these present 2021 times... It's not her job to make excuses or provide cover for somebody who doesn't understand what the f--- triggers people in today's world."

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Chris Harrison Controversy

Lathan told Bachelor Nation they are "going after" the wrong person. He said the ABC dating show is "not worth harassing someone over."

The media personality ended with a message of comfort to the star, saying, "Rachel, we love you, we're with you."

About two weeks ago, Harrison temporarily stepped down as host of the franchise after he defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell when photos surfaced of her at an "Old South" party in 2018.

He told Lindsay on Extra, "Well, Rachel is it a good look in 2018? Or, is it not a good look in 2021?... Because there's a big difference." Lindsay responded, "It's not a good look ever."

Harrison apologized afterward, saying he realizes what he has done "is cause harm by wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism."

In his new post, Lathan continued defending Lindsay in the caption, writing, "This harassment is going too far" and "Yo it's just a f---ing TV SHOW, y'all need to relax for real. I love you RACH."

He addressed the former host directly by saying, "@chrisbharrison are you okay with people getting at Rachel to the point she can't even exist on IG. Is anyone from the entire 'Bachelor Nation' going to stand up and condemn this harassment of a Black woman?"

Several of the franchise's stars spoke out after Lindsay's interview with Harrison. The women of Matt James' season issued a joint statement that read in part, "We are deeply disappointed and want to make it clear that we denounce any defense of racism."

Kirkconnell also came forward to say she was "done hiding from all of this" and called it a "blessing in disguise because maybe it can wake a lot of people up." On Feb. 11, she apologized by saying, "I hear you, and I'm here to say I was wrong."

James, the leading man of Kirkconnell's season, broke his silence on Feb. 22 to address the "incredibly disappointing photos." The star said, "The reality is that I'm learning about these situations in real time, and it has been devastating and heartbreaking to put it bluntly."

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