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Justin Bieber Denies Sexual Assault Accusations

Justin Bieber attends the Premiere of YouTube Original's "Justin Bieber: Seasons" at Regency Bruin Theatre on January 27, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
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Justin Bieber is speaking out after being accused of sexual assault.

On Saturday, June 20, a woman who identified herself as Danielle, alleged that Bieber sexually assaulted her on March 9, 2014. In her tweet, Danielle wrote, "I'm posting this anonymously because I'm not ready to come forward and reveal myself. If he comes across this, you know who I am. I know you remember me. I hope your life is hell after this and you drown in guilt."

E! News has reached out to the woman accusing Bieber of sexual assault but have not heard back yet at the time of publication.

On Sunday, June 21, Bieber took to Twitter to address the sexual assault allegations.

"I don't normally address things as I have dealt with random accusations my entire career but after talking with my wife and team I have decided to speak up on an issue tonight," he wrote in one tweet. "Rumors are rumors but sexual abuse is something I don't take lightly. I wanted to speak out right away but out of respect to so many victims who deal with these issues daily I wanted to make sure I gathered the facts before I made any statement."

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Bieber continued, "In the past 24 hours a new Twitter appeared that told a story of myself involved with sexual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin Texas at the Four seasons hotel. I want to be clear. There is no truth to this story. In fact as I will soon show I was never present at that location."

Seemingly referring to Danielle's claims, Bieber explained, "As her story told I did surprise a crowd in Austin at Sxsw where I appeared on stage with my then assistant side stage and sang a few songs. What this person did not know was that I attended that show with my then gf Selena Gomez."

In a follow-up tweet, Bieber shared an article from 2014 that "talks about Selena being there with me." He also shared photos that "clearly show me on stage with my assistant sidestage and the other with both of us in the streets of Austin afterwards on March, 2014."

Per Danielle's recounting of the events, she met the singer at an event hosted by Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun. She alleged that after the show a man approached her and her friends and asked if they wanted to meet the singer.

Additionally, she claimed that she and her friends joined Bieber at the Four Seasons. "Justin's friend brought my 2 friends to a room, and he took me to another room," Danielle alleged in her statement on Twitter, before adding that she had asked Bieber where Gomez was "to make conversation, he told me not to worry about it and that she'll come up to the room later."

Danielle then alleges that she "kept asking questions to add to our conversation, but he then leaned in to kiss me. I was shocked." She also alleged that their kiss led to the singer "unbuttoning" her pants and "started tracing my underwear with his fingers."

In another tweet, Bieber wrote that the "other reason this story might say I was staying at the four seasons was because a tweet from 2014 on March 10th not the 9th says they saw me there. This is that tweet."

The tweet in question, that Bieber shared a screenshot of, read: "Never thought I'd about this, but hey, why not. @justinbieber is at the Four Seasons Austin."

Bieber proceeded to share a screenshot that allegedly shows the user of the aforementioned tweet clarifying in a follow-up reply that she saw him at the Four Seasons restaurant and not the hotel. "However I never stayed at the four seasons on the 9th or the 10th. This person put another tweet up earlier saying they saw me at the restaurant the following night not the hotel," he added.

"Furthermore I stayed with Selena and our friends at an airbnb on the 9th and on the 10th stayed at a Westin because our hotel reservation at LA Quinta and not the four seasons was messed up," the singer shared on Twitter, alongside screenshots of reservations and receipts to corroborate his side of the story. "Here are the receipts for the hotel on the 10th."

The singer also shared that he has "confirmed with the Four Seasons regional manager that I was never on property on the 9th of March 2014 and never a guest on the 9th or 10th and I welcome all press to inquire with them if needed or wanted."

In a series of follow-up tweets, Bieber continued to share receipts of room reservations, adding that he won't be using "mike lowery anymore as an alias."

"Every claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously and this is why my response was needed," Bieber shared. "However this story is factually impossible and that is why I will be working with twitter and authorities to take legal action."

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