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Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio Reenact "Titanic" Scene on "SNL"

In the opening monologue Hill wanted to talk about his career, but the audience seemed more interested in his work with DiCaprio



    Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio Reenact "Titanic" Scene on "SNL"
    Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio reenacted a famous scene from "Titanic" on this weekend's "SNL."

    If Jonah Hill hasn’t shown his versatility as an actor already, his third stint as a "Saturday Night Live" host this weekend proved he can take on any role, including Kate Winslet's Rose in "Titanic," alongside Leonardo DiCaprio who made a surprise appearance on the show.

    In the opening monologue Hill, who received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor for his role in "The Wolf of Wall Street," wanted to talk about his career, but the audience seemed more interested in his work with DiCaprio.

    Hill handled it gracefully at first by saying DiCaprio is a terrific guy, but then he claimed director Martin Scorsese was reluctant to cast the actor in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

    “Here’s what happened," Hill said. "I call up Marty Scorcese, I say Marty, it’s JH. I’m ready to get in the ring together. He says ‘finally,’ then I say, ‘Should we get DiCaprio on board?’ and Marty says, ‘I don’t know if he can handle it.'" But before Hill could finish his story, DiCaprio made a surprise entrance.

    “I have a question. What the hell are you doing?” DiCaprio said, revealing he'd been backstage the entire time.

    Hill admitted to “acting like a big shot” and DiCaprio stepped into a mentor role, chastising him for letting the fame get to his head.

    DiCaprio offered to comfort Hill by reenacting the iconic "Titanic" scene. He stood behind Hill, put his arms around him and the two rocked back and forth to "Titanic" music.

    “I’m flying Jack!," Hill screamed. “Yes Rose, yes you’re flying!” DiCaprio responded.

    Hill starred in a spoof of the Oscar-nominated movie, "Her" about a man (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with his computer operating system. In the trailer for the fake movie, "Me," the operating system and love interest of the main character is actually Hill’s own voice and personality.

    Hill also made an appearance in a reccurring sketch of porn-stars-turned-saleswomen as Martin Porn-cese alongside Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer, selling a Lamborghini, pronounced Lambortini.

    During the “Weekend Update,” anchors Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong zeroed in on Justin Bieber and his recent DUI drag racing arrest in Miami.

    “Well this certainly looks like the face of a guy who’s learned his lesson,” reported Meyers, showing Bieber’s smiling mug shot after his arrest. Meyers explained that Bieber asked police officers, “'What did I do and why did you stop me?’” and said his questions, “will go down in history as the first sentence Bieber didn’t begin or end with girl,” he said.

    Later on the "Update," Bieber was once again the center of attention as Strong introduced guest, Frank Medina (Kenan Thompson), the police officer who arrested the Canadian pop star.

    “Oh, he was mad, he must have said the “F” word at least 10 times," said Medina of Bieber's reaction. "It was kind of adorable, like being barked at by a puppy smelling like Smirnoff Ice.”

    When Strong asked if Medina thinks Bieber is a threat to himself or others, he laughed and said, “No, Bieber even tried resisting arrest, and I just put my hand on his forehead and let him swing at me until he fell asleep.”

    Kate McKinnon, know for her spot-on Bieber impersonation, did not star as the singer on this weekend's show, but she made an appearance on the "Weekend Update" as returning character, Olya Povlatsky, a woman from a small village in Russia. Povlatsky weighed in on the Sochi Olympics by candidly commenting on her country. 

    Meyers introduced her and asked, "So, Olya, are you surprised the Olympics are coming to Russia?" She responded, "I'm surprised anyone is coming to Russia," adding she has been to Sochi one time and "it was to throw myself into the sea, but I could not do it because the line was too long." 

    "How can the Olympics pick Russia?" she rants, "What was the other option, Haiti or middle of ocean?" 

    "SNL's" Sochi coverage also included a mock NBC Sports segment that mocked President Vladimir Putin’s controversial gay rights policies. During the fake event dubbed, "U.S. Men’s Heterosexual Figure Skating Championship," anchors Scott Hamilton (Taran Killam) and Tara Lapinski (Cecily Strong), explained that the U.S. Olympic committee has compiled a “B-squad of less talented but undeniably heterosexual figure skaters” in case the existing U.S. figure skating team boycotts the upcoming games. The skaters, portrayed by Bobby Moynihan, Jay Pharoah and couple Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennet were all "making fun of gay skaters" in their routines.

    Musical guest Bastille, performed songs “Pompeii” and “Oblivion.”

    Next week’s host will be Melissa McCarthy featuring musical guest Imagine Dragons.