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Dwayne Johnson Sends Heartwarming ‘Moana' Video to Little Girl Battling Cancer

Early Sunday morning, he recorded and posted a heartwarming message for 4-year-old Indy Llew Jones

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Dwayne Johnson spent the first couple hours of his birthday bringing joy to a courageous young fan and her family.

The Rock turned 49 on Sunday, May 2. Early that morning, he recorded and posted a heartwarming message for 4-year-old Indy Llew Jones, who is battling cancer. Dwayne shared on his Instagram a clip of himself singing his character Maui's song "You're Welcome" from Disney's "Moana" to the child, a big fan of the movie.

The actor's post was a response to a video of Indy lip-synching to Alessia Cara's version of Moana's signature song "How Far I'll Go," which her mother, Salt Lake City-based influencer Terah Jones, shared last week on her own page.

"Swipe left - It's 1am and I just got sent this beautiful vid of a VERY special & strong little girl named Indy Llew," Dwayne, a father of three daughters, wrote on Instagram. "Stay strong honey and keep singing your songs! Love you, MAUI."

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Terah wrote on her Instagram Story, "Wow a special message from our Indy Llew from Maui himself. @therock this means so much! Every night before bed Indy asks daddy to sing 'you're welcome.'"

In her original video of the child lip-synching, Terah wrote, "Just needed this to have a permanent place on here. Indy has long time been an expert lip syncer. She loves music, dancing, and 'singing.' My favorite moments are when I catch her singing &dancing in her reflection. She feels the rhythm and it brings her joy. Also really feels that necklace...I adore everything about her magical presence, she is the greatest treasure. Indy Llew...The pain is truly unbearable. #prayforindy."

The little girl, the eldest of Terah and husband Brian Jones' two daughters, was born with Down Syndrome, which carries an increased risk of developing leukemia. Her mother wrote on her blog that in 2018, Indy was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, which affects the bone marrow and is similar to leukemia. After eight months of chemotherapy, the child's cancer went into remission.

Her dad wrote on Love What Matters that Indy's disease returned in summer 2019. After undergoing more treatments, her disease went into remission again, in spring 2020, one year later. But last month, her mother wrote on Instagram that Indy had developed leukemia.

"The devastation & hurt is beyond description," she said. "My hands are trembling and tears are falling from my face as I type this. Considering our options and praying about what is best for Indy, B and I both received a pretty clear message that Indy desires to be free of this burden. Out of respect for her body and her spirit, further medical intervention feels wrong. The chance of cure from more treatment is extremely minimal. Our brave girl has just been through too much."

She continued, "We will be loving on her at home like we did last year, filling her body with goodness and making her feel joy."

On Friday, April 30, Indy's family celebrated her 5th birthday three weeks early.

"Just wanted to let you know that Indy is doing so well," Terah wrote on Instagram. "She is feeling good for the most part and aside from some tired moments, she is energetic, giggling, and excited about all the simple things in life like mamma Kat and lasagna. I am so so thankful for these good days. As I took these photos of Indy + mamma Kit-Kat Indy started telling my mom "Dindy, brave! Look, tubies. In tummy and in arm. Look!" (Pic 5) Sweet precious Indy, you are so brave. And bright, and love, and joy...and every other good quality wrapped up into one being. I am so proud of you. Dindy Woo I love you."

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