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Amy Schumer Addresses Claim She Stole Oscars Joke About Leonardo DiCaprio

Amy Schumer set the record straight about the Oscars 2022 joke that viewers allege she stole from a viral tweet. Here's what the Oscars co-host had to say about the claim.

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Amy Schumer says the joke was not snatched.

During an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live!" with Andy Cohen, the Life &Beth star responded to claims that one of her jokes during the 2022 Oscars monologue was stolen from Twitter during her appearance on

"OK. Well, I would like to say, I haven't personally been on Twitter," Schumer said per Variety. "I've had my assistant do it, just so I can remain alive and not kill myself. And also, that joke was written by Suli McCullough. But I thank you guys, always, for making sure that I don't start thievery."

The zinger in question is a roast on Leonardo DiCaprio: "He has done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner, greener planet for his girlfriends."

Viewers flocked to social media to accuse Amy of stealing the joke form a viral tweet posted in December 2021. The tweet reads: "Leonardo DiCaprio is so passionate about climate change because he wants to leave a better word for his girlfriends."

Schumer, 40, shared that she recently did a lie-detector test with Vanity Fair that proved she was not a joke thief. "They asked me, thank God, 'Have you ever stolen a joke?' and I said no, and it was 'that's true.'"

She added, "So, everybody just chill. It's crazy. I'm funny enough, I don't need to steal s---."

Since the Oscars on March 27, the comedian shared at a recent Amy Schumer &Friends comedy show just how "upsetting" it was to witness Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars, saying, "All I can say is that it was really just sad."

She continued, "It says so much about race, about toxic masculinity, it's just, everything."

On "Watch What Happens Live!," Schumer also said that she donated her $15,000 earnings for hosting the Oscars alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall to Planned Parenthood.

Any further Oscars news is behind her as she takes a much deserved break. On March 31, Amy posted a photo of her cuddling her son, Gene David Fischer, 24 months, on Instagram, writing in the caption, "Out of the office reply for the next month. Thanks."

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