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Martha Stewart Is Looking for "Mr. Right"

The 71-year-old considered signing up for



    Martha Stewart Is Looking for "Mr. Right"
    In a "Today" show interview that aired Friday, Martha Stewart said she loved dating.

    Martha Stewart is still looking for Mr. Right.

    The 71-year-old arts and crafts guru said in an interview that aired on the "Today" show Friday that she has not had a serious relationship since she split with a longtime boyfriend a couple years ago.

    But she's looking. She said she's even considered using the online dating site,—a claim she made three years ago when then-Match CEO Greg Blatt appeared as a guest on her show.

    "I tried filling out the application," she told "Today's" Matt Lauer. But she said she gave up after finding the sign-up process too complicated. "I started to laugh half way down the page. It was like, impossible."

    She made a similar claim in 2010 during her segment with Blatt, who tried to call her bluff when she explained that she doesn't "even know how to sign up for stuff like that."

    "You've done far more complicated things," Blatt said.

    Despite Stewart's willingness to share an abundance of photos and anecdotes about her travels, family, gardening and projects, she's been famously tight-lipped about her romantic life.

    Stewart split from her husband and the father of her only daughter in the late 1980s and never remarried. Since the break, her relationship status has been a favorite topic for interviewers.

    One of the biggest revelations she made in recent years came in a 2009 interview with Jay Leno when she responded candidly to a question he asked about dating younger men.

    "I was going out with this one guy for a while and my daughter called him 'Uncle,'" she said. "It turned out that he was only about a month older than she was when we found out how old he was. That embarrassed me. But we still email."

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