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"Veronica Mars" Movie Gets a Release Date



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    Actress Kristen Bell

    Nearly a year after Veronica Mars fans made history raising $5.7 million, the movie is coming out in theaters!

    March 14, 2014 is the date!

    Executive producer Rob Thomas took to Twitter to announce the news:

    Fun Fact #1. The #VeronicaMarsMovie will open on 3/14/14, just one year from when the @kickstarter launched on 3/12/13.

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    Fun Fact #2. 3/14 is sometimes called pi day. Next year, it will also be P.I. day. #VeronicaMarsMovie

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    Fun Fact #3. Just 99 more days until the #VeronicaMarsMovie opens.

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    We'd like to add a Fun Fact #4: We're currently stocking up on tents and sleeping bags for the requisite sidewalk slumber party on March 13, 2014. Come join us?

    The movie takes place 10 years after Veronica (Kristen Bell) left her hometown of Neptune, California. She returns to help her former flame Logan (Jason Dohring), who has been accused of murdering his pop star girlfriend. (We're pretty sure it was a Logan and Veronica fan who pulled the trigger, but we haven't gotten that confirmed.) The original cast is back, including Enrico Colantoni as Daddy Mars, Tina Majorino and Percy Daggs III as Veronica's best friends Mac and Wallace, and Veronica's other former love interest Chris Lowell, who plays Piz.

    A long time ago, we used to be friends...And now she's coming back! (For you nutjobs who've never seen "VM," that's a reference to the theme song, and also? We just secured your Christmas wish list for you right here.)

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