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Punchlines ripped from the headlines

WATCH: Late Night Hosts Dish on the Grammys

Leno said Daft Punk were the "first robots to win a major award since Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize."



    This year, the Grammys brought many memorable moments and a lot for late night hosts to discuss, and of course make jokes about. Here's how late night saw music's biggest night:


    On "The Tonight Show," Leno started his recap of the Grammys with a California news story.

    "Border patrol agents seized 670 pounds of cocaine that was hidden in a car," Leno said. "But, the good news? Last night's the Grammys still went on anyway, how about that?"

    Then, Leno talked about one of the night's big winners.

    "Congratulations to Daft Punk, they won for Album of the Year," Leno said. "They were the two guys dressed as robots. They're the first robots to win a major award since Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize."

    Then, Leno turned his attention to the red carpet.

    "Paris Hilton walked the red carpet with the rapper Birdman, so Birdman meets birdbrain," Leno said.

    Finally, he made a joke based on the fact that Jimmy Fallon will soon replace him on "The Tonight Show."

    "Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr did a song at the Grammys," Leno said. "So I guess some people still enjoy the older entertainers."


    "Late Night" began their Grammy segment with a joke about Pharrell Williams' much-discussed attire choice.

    "The big winners were Daft Punk and Lorde," Fallon said. "The big loser was the guy sitting behind Pharrell Williams. Even the Pope was like 'hey down in front, come on?'"

    Next up were the night's big winners.

    "Last night Daft Punk won 5 grammys including Album of the Year," Fallon said. "Fans said it was great to see someone new finally win the award. Then Daft Punk poulled off their helmets to reveal they were actually Taylor Swift and Adele. They were like 'Got you suckers!'"

    Fallon also discussed a joke Jay Z said while accepting his award.

    "I saw Jay Z accepted the Grammy for Best Rap Collaboration with my man Justin Timberlake and Jay Z joked the award would be a gold sippy cup for his daughter Blue Ivy," Fallon said. "Then Jay Z said 'I'm only kidding, she already has like four of those'."

    Fallon ended his recap by discussing Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

    "Did you see Steven Tyler?" Fallon said. "He was looking cool, he showed up to the Grammys sporting a new beard and mustache or as most people put it, 'whoa, lady looks like a dude'."


    Rather than celebrating the winners of the big night, Jimmy Kimmel highlighted the people who didn't win awards.

    "The hardest part about being a nominee at one of these awards shows is pretending you're happy when someone wins in your category," Kimmel said, "and even though the Grammys is an event for musicians there was some top-notch acting in the audience last night and I'd like to honor that acting."

    Then, Kimmel presented "The Best Loser at the Grammy Awards." The "Live" host played clips of Lorde, Katy Perry, Kasey Musgraves and Taylor Swift applauding others.

    Afterward, he announced the winner of his mock award was Swift, who many claim thought for a moment she had won the award for Album of the Year. 


    Conan O'Brien also had Taylor Swift in his sights, however it was the country singer's performance that drew his attention.

    "Taylor Swift performed a song last night and a lot of people thought the way she was playing the piano was a little overly dramatic," O'Brien said. "But I looked at the tape, I don't think she could help herself. Take a look."

    A doctored clip played showing a hand knock over a glass of wine on a piano, causing bolts of electricity to shock Swift as she delivered her grammy performance.


    The "Late Show With David Letterman" made big Grammy winners Daft Punk the subject of the Top Ten segment.

    Top Ten Names Daft Punk Considered Before Deciding on Daft Punk

    5. Dodd Frank

    4. Shrimp Fork

    3. Wet Cough

    2. Dad's Junk

    1. Mackledaft and Ryan Lewis