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"Veep" Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Lunches with Biden



    "Veep" Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Lunches with Biden
    The White House
    Vice President Joe Biden jokes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus of the TV show, “VEEP,” as she sits at his desk in the Vice President's West Wing office at the White House, April 12, 2013.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus took a break from playing a fictional vice president to meet the real deal on Friday.

    Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Vice President Selina Meyer on HBO's "Veep," had lunch with Joe Biden at the Whilte House, according to officials. She even sat at Biden's desk while a White House photographer snapped a photo of the pair pretending to look busy.

    The White House posted an audio clip of Louis-Dreyfus talking about the photo.

    "I'm Julia Louis-Dreyfus and let me tell you about this picture. This is a picture of two vice presidents hard at work in the Vice President's office in the West Wing," she said. "I came to have lunch with Vice President Joe Biden and I surprised him by sitting at his desk. So he thought he'd just ask my advice on some various briefs he had to deal with and I was happy to give him my advice which he paid no attention to whatsoever, which is why he's such a wise Vice President."

    Listen to the audio here: