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Tom Brady Knows the Sex of His Baby, But Gisele Doesn't



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    Tom Brady knows the sex of their baby due this month but is keeping his lips sealed. Gisele wants to keep it a surprise.

    You know he’s a great hubby when he can honor a secret -- like your baby’s gender.

    Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen’s husband, found out the sex of their baby. “I wanted to find out and she didn’t, so she said, ‘Go ahead.’ It will be a surprise for her.”

    “I’m really the only one that knows at this point,” said the Patriot quarterback in an interview with WEEI Sports Radio on Wednesday. “It’s a pretty good feeling knowing something that no one else knows.”

    He admits that has been a challenge keeping the secret. Brady told People, he has to be careful with his pronouns, “I always mix it,” he adds. “I don’t think I’ve ever slipped. I’m very conscious when I’m saying it.”

    The nursery at their lux Boston condo is adorned with yellow and light greens. Brady explains, “everything is unisex at this point” for the baby due this month