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Octo-Mom on Jon Gosselin: "I Think He's Hot"

It's a sign of the apocalypse - octo-mom has the hots for the ex-reality TV dad



    Octo-Mom on Jon Gosselin: "I Think He's Hot"
    Nadya Suleman thinks Jon Gosselin is hot.

    First there are the four horsemen, then the seven seals, and finally, the Nadya Suleman-Jon Gosselin romance.

    Yes, the Apocalypse may be upon us after the octo-mom recently told RadarOnline that "she thinks Jon Gosselin is quite the catch."

    "I kind of have a crush on Jon Gosselin," Suleman told RadarOnline. "I think he's hot."

    Despite the risk of your head exploding, stop and think for a moment about a possible Gosselin/Suleman romance. Her fourteen kids plus his eight kids plus all those Ed Hardy T-shirts -- it would make for one whirlwind love affair.

    But for the sake of our sanity, let's just hope those two never get together.

    In other Octo-news, the Beverly Hills doctor whose fertility treatments expanded Suleman's brood has been given the boot by an organization of his peers.

    A spokesman for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine told The Associated Press that the group expelled Dr. Michael Kamrava for "repeatedly" violating the group's standards, not just for his work with Suleman. While the move is undoubtedly embarrassing, it doesn't stop Kamrava from practicing medicine. 

    Guess who told RadarOnline she felt bad for the doctor, but not  "wholly responsible" for the decision, of course?