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Ricki Lake Sued for House Fire



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    The former talk show host and actress may be held accountable for a house fire that claimed her Malibu rental in 2010.

    Former talk show host Ricki Lake's sense of relief quickly turned to disbelief. 

    After a fire destroyed the $20,000-a-month house she was renting in Malibu, California, Lake took solace in the fact that no one was hurt.

    "Ricki is very grateful that her family was unharmed," a representative said in a statement following the incident. "The fire happened very quickly and it was indeed a frightening experience. Right now she feels gratitude and blessings."

    However, the landlord who owned the property has filed papers in a Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Lake is to blame for the blaze. They are claiming that her failure to properly refill the oil in a portable space heater led to the fire.

    The lawsuit states that Lake "caused the oil to spill which was ignited by the hot heating coils which [Lake] had not allowed to cool. The flaming oil quickly caught hold and began to burn items inside the property. [Lake] failed or did not attempt to extinguish the fire."

    The landlord seeks unspecified damages.

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