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Paulina Porizkova Takes Aim at Heidi Montag, Kate Hudson & Madonna



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    Still beautiful 20 years later, Paulina's best known currently for appearing as a judge for three seasons on fellow supermodel Tyra Banks' show America's Next Top Model.

    Model Paulina Porizkova was outspoken during her time as a judge on "America's Next Top Model," and she was just as honest in a new interview with Access Hollywoodin which she reacted with great surprise over Heidi Montag's surgery-enhanced new look.

    "I think she looks like Frankenstein," Paulina told Access.

    Railing against plastic surgery, Heidi Montag was target No. 1 for Paulina.

    "I think she is truly a scary looking human being because she doesn't quite look human anymore," Paulina said.

    Heidi's ten procedures in one day doesn't quite cut it for the former supermodel, who, in her blog on, compared Heidi's work to a "cheap plastic pool float."

    "I would feel so bad if that was my daughter," Paulina said. "I would feel like I did such a bad job mothering her. It probably would be my fault. I probably would have to take some of the blame."

    At 45, Paulina says she has not had any facial surgery and for now is opting for natural enhancements.

    "I deprive myself of all foods that I love and I put on every $250 cream that I can find in the vain hopes that they're gonna smooth my wrinkles out. I'm as vain as anybody else," she said.

    Paulina also had something to say about Kate Hudson, who in new paparazzi pics appears to have had, what some feel, is a breast augmentation.

    "She didn't look like the most perfect example of a flat chested woman anymore. Now she was just a starlet with boobs," Paulina said.

    She also talked about Madonna and the Queen of Pop's ever-evolving appearance.

    "She looks absolutely amazing but she no longer looks like Madonna," Paulina said. "Madonna has always been a chameleon, She always went for the transformations and now she took it so far that you don't even recognize what was there originally. I think it's a shame because what was there originally was really interesting and really cool."

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