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OMG! Kate Gosselin Has a New Haircut!



    OMG!  Kate Gosselin Has a New Haircut!
    Getty Images, People Magazine
    With her divorce behind her, reality star Kate Gosselin has gone for a completely new look.

    We interrupt two wars and a struggling economy to bring you this piece of vital, life-changing news. Are you sitting down? Good. In fact, maybe you should lie down for this. Are you lying down?

    Kate Gosselin has changed haircuts.

    I’ll just let you process that news for a moment before I go on.

    Yes, it’s true. The reality show star, tabloid fixture, and very occasional mother of eight has ditched her Kajagoogoo bob for long blonde hair extensions and a more playful, more accessible, and less shrewish look. From USA Today:

    Talk about starting over!

    Look at Kate Gosselin's new look for the new year. Fresh off her Dec. 18 divorce from hubby Jon Gosselin, Kate has finally said goodbye to her signature short, asymmetrical hairstyle.

    "Short hair was easy," she tells People, in the issue out Friday. "I could shower in less than three minutes." What wasn't easy was the 20 hours celeb hairstylist Ted Gibson spent giving Gosselin the blond hair extensions. With her new hair comes a new name, she jokes: "It's hyphenated. I am now Kate Clean-Slate."

    So true. It’s fresh start for Kate. No longer will she be known as a media prima donna we wish would go away. Now, she will be known as a media queen we DIRELY wish would go away, given that a simple hairstyle change is enough to convince the likes of People magazine to devote a cover and a PR-rep penned cover story to it.

    USA Today had a poll on Kate’s new hair. You could choose between “OMG I love it. She looks amazing.” (52% of all votes) or “Oh no! She’s gone Hollywood!” (48% of votes). I don’t understand the latter option. Was Kate ever NOT a sellout? I don’t recall her playing bass for the Arcade Fire. I’m also disappointed that there was no voting option for, “I hope she falls into a bottomless pit.” Seems like that would be the most attractive voting option.