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Palin, “Shore,” Middleton & More Make Walters’ “Most Fascinating” List



    Palin, “Shore,” Middleton & More Make Walters’ “Most Fascinating” List
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    Sarah Palin and Kate Middleton are on the list.

    Mama Grizzly still “fascinates” Barbara Walters – and so does GTL.

    Former Alaska governor and VP candidate turned reality star Sarah Palin made Walters’ top 10 “most fascinating people” list for the third year in a row, with the entire cast of the “Jersey Shore” also scoring a spot, according to reports.

    Walters, the veteran newswoman and “View” matriarch, unveiled eight of the top ten from her annual list Monday. The final two newsmakers will be revealed next week on her ABC broadcast.

    In an interview, Palin called rumors of trouble in her marriage “BS.”

    "There's also rumors that Trig isn't my son,” she said, according to “There's also rumors that Track went to Iraq to avoid jail. There is a lot of BS out there. I don't want to just believe that it comes with the territory, when you put yourself forward, in the name of public service, that you have to take that kind of garbage that's out there."

    Besides Palin, this year’s list is heavy on entertainers.

    It includes teen pop star and merchandising machine Justin Bieber, who opens up in an interview about his mom's past struggles with substance abuse, according to ABCNews.

    Sandra Bullock, who experienced winning an Oscar and made a new addition to her brood the same year her marriage unraveled in the public eye, also landed on Walters’ list.

    Actress Betty White, new “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, basketball star LeBron James and future British princess Kate Middleton will be feted during Walters’ Dec.9 broadcast as well.

    As for the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore," Walters reportedly told the reality stars in an interview she's fascinated by their slang.

    "I need a lesson. Okay, because you have your own language. So you gotta help me, 'GTL,'" she said, referring to the acronym which stands for “gym, tan, laundry.”

    Last year, Michelle Obama overtook Barack Obama’s no. 1 spot on Walters' list. Others honored in 2009 included: Glenn Beck, Brett Favre, Lady Gaga, Kate Gosselin, Michael Jackson’s children, Adam Lambert, Tyler Perry and Jenny Sanford.

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