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Michael Lohan on What Happened Inside Lindsay's Home & Whether he Called The Paparazzi



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    Lindsay Lohan fights back after her father, Michael Lohan, shared messages the starlet left him. Lindsay calls him a "deadbeat dad" while Michael says he just wants his daughter in rehab.

    A Twitter war broke out between Michael and Lindsay Lohan on Thursday after Michael, along with sheriff's deputies, went into Lindsay's home to see if her sister Ali Lohan, who is a minor, was OK. It's a story of heartbreak and desperation and Michael told it to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush.

    "OK, so you walk in there. What does it look like?" Billy asked.

    "Disheveled… Totally disheveled," Michael said.

    "Is it a wasteland apartment or is it OK?" Billy asked. "Is there furniture?"

    "When I finally got to the bedroom and I looked in, Lindsay's on a mattress. There's no furniture in the bedroom. It's a mattress on the floor with just sheets," Michael said.

    "What did she look like?" Billy asked of Lindsay's appearance.

    "Like she got hit by a train," Michael said. "Her makeup was smeared all over. Her eyes were bloodshot and I said, 'Lindsay, I want to make sure Ali's OK. She's got to come out here and speak to the sheriff and let him see that she's OK.'"

    By his own account, Michael arrived at Lindsay's apartment at 11 o'clock in the morning.

    "Did she look messed up? Did she look like she'd been out all night?" Billy asked.

    "Absolutely and she has. It's been reported all over the place and Dina [Lohan, Lindsay and Ali's mom] can say that Lindsay doesn't drink, doesn't have a problem. 'She's not out late.' Come on! We have proof."

    Lindsay did stay home last night, after being spotted out partying 30 out of the last 37 nights, including last weekend at Coachella, the desert music festival she attended with 16-year-old Al; a trip that Michael told Billy prompted his visit to Lindsay's home on Thursday morning to check on the welfare of his minor daughter with the assistance of officers from the sheriffs' department.

    "Did you see paraphernalia in the house? When you walked in, did you see [a] bottle of any kind?" Billy asked of Michael's recollections of Lindsay's home.

    "We went in there to check on Ali, not to check for drugs," Michael said. "Did I see things floating around that could have been presumed as substances or pills? Yeah."

    When asked about Michael's claims that materials in Lindsay's apartment could have been presumed to be substances or pills, Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley provided the following statement to Access.

    "We contend that Michael's conduct yesterday and in most instances concerning Lindsay is a publicity stunt," the attorney said.

    She also told Access on Friday that both Lindsay and Ali are terrified of their father and they would like a restraining order filed immediately.

    Michael was photographed and videoed by agencies including X-17 and INF as he went to Lindsay's home on Thursday, something Billy asked about.

    "Did you call X-17?" Billy asked.

    "No," he said.

    "How were cameras were with you when you went to the police station?" Billy asked.

    "I have no idea where they came from," Michael said. "The police were with me the whole time. No one knew where they showed up from, nobody."

    Michael said the paparazzi followed him on his mission to confront Lindsay, who he continues to claim is addicted to prescription drugs — amongst other issues.

    "Is Lindsay drinking?" Billy asked.

    "Absolutely. I mean every night she's drinking," Michael said.

    "Who goes out, well she goes out until 4 o'clock in the morning," Billy said. "Most people would conventionally agree that nothing good happens at 1… 2… 3 and certainly at 4 o'clock in the morning."

    "After the clubs close, why do they have to go up into the hills to parties?" Michael asked.

    Michael claims his main obstacle in helping Lindsay get into rehab is his ex-wife, Dina, who he says is in denial about Lindsay's problems.

    "I have listened to voice mails that you have played me. I know Dina Lohan's voice. I have heard her on your voice mail say, 'She's got a problem. She's drinking again, Michael. We've got to work this out, Michael,'" Billy said. "So unless she's gone to rehab and fixed that problem since then, which it doesn't look like she has, we would all know about it."

    "It's gotten worse," Michael responded.

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