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Melissa Rycroft Says "I Do"

The reality TV star beats her ex-fiance down the aisle



    Melissa Rycroft Says "I Do"
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    Rycroft may not have capture the Bachelor's heart, but she still found herself a husband.

    Reality TV star Melissa Rycroft is finally tying the knot.

    The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars alum' is set to marry her fiance, insurance agent Tye Strickland, in Mexico on Saturday, according to People.

    The couple met three years ago in their hometown of Dallas and had dated before Rycroft's stint on the Bachelor, according to People. They got engaged this past June.

    "Tye is my best friend in the world, and now he's my partner forever.  We have had such a journey within our relationship, that to finally look at him and see my husband, gives me the calmest, most content feeling in the world," Rycroft told In Touch Weekly. "I love him so much and am so excited for our forever to begin!"

    This may be Rycroft's first trip down the aisle, but it isn't her first engagement.

    Rycroft was the technical winner of the Bachelor, winning Jason Mesnick's proposal in the show's finale.  But, less than six weeks later he changed his mind, deciding instead to pursue his runner-up, Molly Malaney.

    "I'm really happy for her," Mesnick told People. "This whole journey took her to a place where things looked like they were down for her. But then she ended up with the person she was mean to be with. That's what life's all about. I couldn't be happier for her."

    Mesnick and Malaney became engaged in October.