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Kim Kardashian Blogs On Christmas Eve, Defends Brother Against Courtney Love’s Accusations



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    Kim Kardashian took some time away from waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to tackle accusations about her brother made by Courtney Love.

    On Wednesday, Courtney claimed in a post on her MySpace blog that Kim’s brother, Rob Kardashian, broke the nose of the rocker’s gay employee in September, an incident Courtney wrote that she only recently found out about.

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    “[R]ob jr cold socked and punched my employee right in his face for no reason and broke his nose after my GUY was hanging out with his pal Brody Jenner one night outside hyde lounge,” Courtney claimed in her post.

    Courtney went on to suggest Rob should gain some “acceptance of your own homosexuality, “ before suggesting he join her on a shopping trip to the “Ab and Fitch store while the techno music blasts really loud and find you a tight tee shirt for our big night at Rage in Weho.”

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    And on Wednesday night, Kim took to her own blog to refute Courtney’s remarks.

    “Courtney Love wrote a disturbing blog this morning that is obviously very untrue,” Kim wrote. “Ms. Love immaturely called my brother Rob names and accused him of physically assaulting her ‘employee’ at Hyde nightclub, breaking his nose.

    “This is TOTALLY FALSE!” Kim continued.

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    Kim blogged that she had trouble understanding Courtney’s post, but that “Rob didn’t do anything close to what Ms. Love has described.”

    “My entire family’s response is this: We are so saddened to hear that someone is blogging this insanity on Christmas Eve,” she typed. “Everything this person writes is obviously untrue and we will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys. Merry Christmas!”

    As for Courtney, she suggested Rob stop listening to her music and the tunes of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

    “Rob throw away your Nirvana cd’s,” she wrote. “[I] will not allow you to listen to Kurts music nor my music, instead throw on the Mama Mia soundtrack and dance rob!”

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