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Katy Perry Talks SNL: "There Were A Lot of Pitches About My Boobs!"

"I was cool about that, but I'm not sure all of it [got] in. So we'll see," she says.



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    Katy Perry is headed to "SNL."

    Katy Perry has no problem showing off her figure on tour in a variety of creative costumes, and it appears she'll be showcasing her shape on "Saturday Night Live" too, when she hosts the show for the first time this weekend.

    "There were a lot of [skit] pitches about my boobs," Katy told Access Hollywood on Thursday. "I was cool about that, but I'm not sure all of it [got] in. So we'll see."

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    The singer, who recently provided the voice for Smurfette in the animated feature "The Smurfs" has been enjoying the change of pace – from concert performer to comedy actor for "SNL," but she's not ready to commit to a dual career.

    "I love doing the animation and the voice-overs," she said. "It would really take something I could not live without to be in [for me to pursue acting]. It takes so much more discipline than being a musician. I can sing a song on tour and I sing it once… and actors have to sing it 75 different ways from 75 different angles."

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    Katy said there is actually one impetus to get her into acting.

    "I love Kristen [Wiig], and if she ever asked me to do anything, I would totally do it," Katy said.

    Right now, Katy is happy singing, and taking on this rare outing as an "SNL" host and she's been getting good advice too — from husband Russell Brand, who helmed the show once during last season.

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    "Of course my husband [has given me advice]. Every day I'm checking in with him and he's giving me the next day move on what I should do or what's gonna go on or how I should act," she said.

    Beyond checking out her acting and comedy chops, when fans see Katy on "SNL" this Saturday, they'll get a chance to examine her recently debuted new look – a cropped blond 'do.

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    "I got off a tour and I wanted to try something new, so I cut it off," she explained. "And I went blond. I feel like I'm 16 all over again, because this is the same haircut I had when I was 15 and 16, so everyone's calling me [by my real name], Katy Hudson right now — my family at least."

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