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Joseph Gordon-Levitt On 'G.I. Joe': It's Like 'Playing With Toys'



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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of the villainous Cobra Commander in August's "G.I. Joe" – and in the summer issue of VMAN Magazine, on stands on Thursday, the actor said jumping into the big-screen action figure adaptation was "like playing with toys."

    "[It was] really, really fun," he told the mag. "It looks badass. It's that 8-year-old in me getting to be a f***ing cool-looking guy."

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    While the actor shows off his chops in the indie drama "(500) Days of Summer" this July, he said his work on the prospective blockbuster was "a different style of acting."

    "It's spectacle," he said of the film, based on the line of military action figures and '80s cartoon series. "It's not about real or fake."

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    In "(500) Days of Summer," in which he stars alongside Zooey Deschanel, Joseph said that the characters are a little more realistic.

    "No one's ever simply a good guy or simply a bad guy," he said of the film, which he called an "anti-romance." "The characters in '(500) Days of Summer' are real people, because they have their flaws."

    Especially genuine, he added, was his chemistry with Zooey.

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    "Zooey wouldn't know how to fake it if you asked her to," he said. "If it feels real, then it probably looks real."

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