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Joan Rivers Says Her Super Bowl Body is No Joke

CGI, or does this 77-year-old really have a "Baywatch" bod?



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    Joan Rivers in Go Daddy Super Bowl TV commercial.

    Joan Rivers showed up on a Super Bowl commercial flaunting the body of a woman one-third her age, and now people want to know if it was a joke., the Internet domain name company famous for racy Super Bowl commercials, unveiled a 30-second spout for its new .co domain name during the Green Bay Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. With longtime pitch woman and Indy car driver Danica Patrick onscreen with "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels, the voiceover touted a mystery babe, who happened to be a "hot Hollywood icon" and a "household name."

    The camera pans up a very toned pair of legs clad in leather hotpants and an equally shapely torso as a couple of guys in the audience drool like Pavlov's dog. Then the camera rises to show Rivers' face as viewers around the nation presumably gasp.

    ".co is the hottest new domain name, so as the new girl, I had to get a hot new body to match!" Rivers says. "Obviously!"

    Rivers, 77, has made no secret of the plastic surgery she's had done in the past, but the muscle tone on display in the commercial couldn't come out of a surgeon's bag of tricks. Some suspect the trick was in the photography or computer enhancement.

    But Rivers tweeted that it was indeed her body in the ad.

    "Yes, yes, yes, it's my body in the @GoDaddy ad. The New York Knicks can't be the only ones to share in this pleasure," the comedian wrote on Twitter.

    Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood" tweeted that Rivers had a body double for the ad, but the comedienne denied it.

    "Double?" she replied. "What double???"



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