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Teen Romeo Sings "Love Story" to Taylor Swift

High schooler Luke Walton's YouTube video plea goes viral



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    Luke Walton, 18, wants to be Taylor Swift’s Romeo.

    An apparently lovesick San Diego teen has become a YouTube hit after making a plea to become country singer Taylor Swift's Romeo. 

    In an attempt to get her attention and score a date with the young country star he recorded his own version of her hit song, “Love Story” and placed the video on YouTube.

    "Love Story"

    The young troubadour's logic: “If you guys out there watch it over and over again, tell your friends, do all that kind of stuff, it will get enough hits to get higher and higher in the search bar," Walton says in the video. 

    "So next time Taylor Swift searches herself, my face will pop up."

    In this day and age, it probably beats crawling up on her balcony announced.

    Walton is a musician and says he has released two self-produced CDs, recently performed at the San Diego House of Blues, and composed the soundtrack for an award-winning, student documentary called We Must Remember.

    “I’m just an eighteen-year-old from a beach town who dreams big and works hard, I love what I do,” Walton said. “But I’m missing the right girl to share it all with.”

    The teenager says he’s a good kid and feels like he has a lot in common with Swift.

    “Aside from the fact that Taylor’s incredibly beautiful, I admire the person she is. She seems to be a genuinely nice girl who cares about the people around her. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, and she’s one of the hardest workers in the music industry,” he said.

    So far the video has got more than 38,000 page views and a lot of support from fans cheering him on. Click on the video below to help Walton in his quest for love.