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Heather Graham is the Sexiest Public Option



    Heather Graham is the Sexiest Public Option
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    Heather Graham is a firm believer in the public option.

    Heather Graham wants to be your public option. So. Badly.

    The Wisconsin gal-cum-global hottie stars in a recent MoveOn.org advertisement that touts the benefits of a public option, explaining that competition among health care companies will lead to better service for Americans.

    Also she runs and there's jiggling.

    The ad, released on MoveOn.org's YouTube channel, is a mixed metaphorical bag.

    The camera opens on a track, where several overweight businesspeople are waiting at the starting line. There's a fat dude eating a burger. An unattractive lady pecks at her Blackberry.

    A voiceover says that insurance companies have gotten lazy.

    "Bloated from the profits of raising our healthcare costs sky high, while our health care crisis gets worse and worse," the ad intones, as a portly gent tries to slurp champagne from a fizzing bottle.

    Enter Graham.

    "The public option is the key to quality affordable health care," says the voiceover, as Graham stretches and prepares to race.

    Then the gun goes off.

    "Competition is as American as apple pie," the voiceover says.

    Or as American as a sexy-gammed sex pot in short shorts.

    But where are the rollerskates?