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Emma & Julia Roberts Talk Boys & Being Blonde



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    Julia and Emma Roberts says life as a blonde is more fun.

    Emma Roberts has realized life as a blonde is definitely more fun.

    At Monday night's premiere of "Valentine's Day" with her aunt and co-star Julia Roberts, and another co-star from the film, Shirley MacLaine, the teen (who turns 19 on Wednesday), revealed she loves her lightened locks.

    "I do love the blonde hair," the previously-darker coifed Emma told Access Hollywood'sShaun Robinson.

    When asked if she's getting a different reaction with her sunny new shade, Emma revealed a little more.

    "Yeah, I get checked out by boys more with the blonde hair," she laughed.

    And Emma turned to Aunt Julia to see if she too has shared the boy-blonde connection.

    "You've had brown and blonde hair…. Don't you get checked out more with the blonde hair?" Emma asked.

    "I don't get checked out, Emma," Julia smiled, turning to Shaun. "So sweet. Isn't [she] sweet?"

    But Shaun wasn't ready to let Julia go with that comment.

    "Is that it?" Shaun smiled.

    "I get checked out more with the blonde hair," Julia finally revealed as the group laughed.

    And even Shirley chimed in on the blonde debate.

    "You get checked out more with the blonde hair too," Emma suggested to Shirley, 75.

    "I have not known the color of my hair for about 50 years," Shirley chuckled.

    Beyond the blonde debate, the ladies also revealed their own real-life Valentine's Day plans to Shaun.

    "I'm just gonna stick out with the answer which is making out with my husband," Julia said, referring to her man Danny Moder. "A 24-hour kiss fest."

    "I'll be making out with my boyfriend," Emma chimed in.

    As for Shirley, she had a furry fate in mind.

    "I'm a grandmother so… my stock answer is my dog. I'm going to be with my dog," she laughed.

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