Deals & Steals Sep 17

These Travel Bags Are Both Sustainable and Beautiful

Sustainably-made ShoreBags are made from fully biodegradable materials and are exceptionally functional for weekend travel, beach days, and more. Plus, they are fashion forward with many styles to cho...

  • fashion May 5

    A Fashion Show for Women of all Ages

    “California Live’s” very own Lawrence Zarian takes us through his sparkle-inspired clothing line, CAxLZ. We visit his home to get a look at his new sequin collection—which can be dressed up or down for women of all shapes and ages. From an elegant a-line dress to a t-shirt perfect with jeans, there is something here to make every woman feel......
  • Mother's Day May 4

    Best Gifts for the Millennial Mom

    If you’re in need of a gift for a millennial mom, Milly Almodovar has you covered. As a millennial mom herself she stays ahead of fashion, fitness, and beauty trends. “California Live” gets the scoop on her curated (and affordable) gift lineup for Mother’s Day. We especially love the Mamitas, a tequila and soda water canned beverage with only 95......
  • Mother's Day May 4

    Need Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

    All moms love anything that can make their busy multitasking days a little bit easier. For this Mother’s Day “California Live” talks to product guru Jenn Jolly on giving mom the gift of high tech. Jolly takes us through some great gifting ideas including an unbreakable laptop, a robot cleaner, and more tech goodies.

  • Social Good May 3

    This Mother's Day Surprise Will Warm Your Heart

    Shawna is a mother who thinks she is meeting “California Live” for a Mother’s Day interview. Instead, she is about to be surprised with an entirely new curated wardrobe with clothes and jewelry from around the world. Hear how the Giving Closet is helping victims of domestic abuse and Shawna’s personal message on the importance of asking for......
  • Social Good May 3

    ‘Wardrobe Boosts' Help Women in Need

    Going shopping to get that “new look” can help in boosting our self-confidence, but many women can’t afford such a luxury. The Giving Closet donates recycled clothing to mothers who have faced challenges so they can feel good about themselves. “California Live” talks to Sam Russell, Hollywood fashion stylist, who has a surprise in store for a mothe...
  • celebrities May 3

    Kelly Rowland on Her New Baby Boy

    “California Live’s” Danielle Nottingham is in a great mood today. She gets to interview one of her favorite celebrities Kelly Rowland, the singer famously known from Destiny’s Child. We talk to Rowland about why she chose to be the face of a new Dawn campaign. She also shares what life is like with her new 3-month-old baby boy and the...
  • Deals & Steals Apr 29

    Stylish Rugs You Can Throw in the Wash

    Let’s be honest, how often do we wash our rugs? Probably not much. My Magic Carpet has a line of rugs that you can easily throw in your washing machine. Plus, they have protective lining to avoid spills going through to your floors. These washable rugs are great for a mudroom, a playroom, or any room in the house. Get......
  • self-care Apr 28

    ‘Mixed-ish' Tika Sumpter on Taking Pause

    “Mixed-ish” Tika Sumpter wants people to take time for themselves which is why she is the face of a meaningful campaign around taking a pause from life. She tells “California Live” why she’s advocating for self-care, specifically for black women. Also, we hear about season 2 of “Mixed-ish” and why the crux of the show is comedy with intention....
  • financial literacy Apr 27

    How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

    How old should your kids be before you start talking to them about money? Find this out and more as “California Live” talks to Jeanette Pavini, author of “The Joy of $aving,” about the most important financial lessons to teach your kids. Plus, get some fun exercises to do with your kiddos that will educate them on saving and spending.
  • Orange County Apr 27

    This ‘Anti-Mall' Is Attracting Art Lovers

    Located in Orange County suburbia the Lab Anti-Mall saw a reason to create an unconventional indoor-outdoor space that embraces culture and retail. “California Live” gets the tour to find out why this space has become a vibrant community hub for art and food lovers. Meet the owner to hear how she curates an eclectic group of mostly family-owned bus...
  • inspiring women Apr 24

    Laurieann Gibson on Dancing With J-Lo

    Dance choreographer Laurieann Gibson knows a thing or two about achieving goals. In her own career she’s worked with Lady Gaga, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, and more. She tells “California Live” about her step-by-step strategy to achieving big dreams in her new book “Dance Your Dance.” Plus, get the scoop on her experience working closely with J-Lo.
  • real estate Apr 24

    Watch the Tour of French Montana's House

    “California Live” meets up with real estate agent to the stars and “Selling Sunset’s” Mary Fitzgerald. She gives us a tour of her current listing—an 8,600-square-foot mansion owned by French Montana (and formerly owned by Selena Gomez). Get an inside look of this spectacular celebrity home including its customized music studio.

  • California Green Apr 22

    The Best Green Toys for Your Kids

    We’ve all been reaching for educational and entertaining toys during the pandemic. As part of “California Live’s” series “California Green” we invite toy expert Laurie Schacht to school us on the best green toys on the market. Check out suggestions for eco-conscious reusable and recyclable toys for your kiddos.

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