Wine Sep 8

California Wine Month Is Here

To kick off California Wine Month, “California Live” checks out Ram’s Gate Winery just an hour from San Francisco. This small yet fine wine producer is known for a wonderful wine and culinary program ...

  • food and drink Jul 22

    What Is Penuche Fudge?

    We’ll bet you didn’t know that it is national penuche fudge day. “California Live” goes to Shaw’s Candy store, established in 1931 in San Francisco, to learn the art of fudge making. Get a peek inside the historical candy and ice cream shop and find out how penuche fudge differs from all others.

  • experience Jul 20

    Try SF's Most Authentic Mochi Donut

    Did you know there are only three Japantowns left in the United States? “California Live” visits San Francisco’s historical Japantown, established in the 1800s, which has continued generations of Japanese keeping the arts and culture alive. We check out restaurant aisle and learn about traditional Japanese attire, pottery, mochi donuts, and more....
  • electric vehicles Jul 15

    How to Ride an Electric Motorcycle

    “California Live’s” Ross Thomas loves a good thrill. He visits Sonoma Raceway—a 1600-acre facility with a 2.52-mile road course and drag strip—to hear about electric motorcycles. Watch him take one out for a spin.

  • The Arts Jul 13

    Diego Rivera's Massive Mural Is SF MOMA's Headliner

    The “Pan American Unity,” a mural by Diego Rivera, is headlining the SF MOMA this summer. The massive mural depicts a past, present, and future shared across North America, as a calling for cultural solidarity during a time of conflict. “California Live” goes to see the masterpiece up-close which is now free to see. Plus, find out how they moved......
  • Bars and Restaurants Jul 1

    This Gluten-Free Beer Tastes Like a Craft Beer Should

    There is something special brewing in Oakland. “California Live” visits Buck Wild Brewing, an Oakland brewery that crafts 100% gluten-free beer that is actually delicious. Watch to learn about the beer production process and the secret ingredients that make this beer so quenchable.

  • explore Jun 30

    How to Pick the Perfect Cherry

    With summer upon us, berries are ripe and ready to be picked. “California Live” visits
    Vornhagen Farms to learn about the different varieties of cherries at the height of cherry season. Watch to check out the farm and learn fun facts about cherry growing, like that it takes five years for a tree to produce its first cherry.

  • museums Jun 28

    The Selfie Market Brings New Meaning to Instagram

    There’s no shame in wanting to get that perfect selfie and The Selfie Market has proven that to be true with a huge interactive artistic space. “California Live” visits the museum based in San Francisco to walk through the 10 different rooms inspired by the world of music.

  • Cinco de Mayo May 5

    How to Drink Mezcal With Respect

    When we think of Mexican alcohol tequila comes to mind, but mezcal is celebrated as one of the most sacred Mexican spirits as it’s been produced for over 500 years. To celebrate Cinco De Mayo “California Live” visits a Carmel restaurant that features one of the largest curated collections of mezcal in the state. Watch and learn the appropriate way....
  • foodie Apr 30

    How True Italian Espresso Is Made

    There’s something extra special about the espresso you can find in Italy. “California Live” visits the Mr. Espresso headquarters in Oakland to learn about its Italian family-run business that stays true to its roots. Ross Thomas gets the tour of the production room to learn about how slow roasting beans with wood brings incredible flavor and aroma ...
  • Outdoor Fun Apr 30

    Have You Ever Ridden a Bike on Water?

    A relaxing bike ride brings many health benefits to your mind and body. Now you can combine that feeling with being on the open blue waters while pedaling on a water bike. “California Live” meets with Schiller Bikes to learn about this fun new fitness trend. Watch to see Malou Nubla hit the bay and discover her new favorite workout.

  • California Green Apr 28

    Fun Facts About Sustainable Wine

    Did you know California makes 80% of the wine consumed in the United States? Find out this and more wine fun facts in our interview with wine and food influencer K.C. Cornwell. For our “California Green” series she talks to us about how to define sustainability in the wine realm—from making the wine to running a winery business. Watch and...
  • Immersive Experience Apr 15

    The Van Gogh Experience Gives Malou Chills

    How would you like to escape the world and step inside one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings? Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience brings his masterpieces to life through multimedia elements like sound, large-scale animation, and emotion. Malou talks with the co-producer to understand the high-tech details behind the illuminating walls of a...
  • outdoor activities Apr 13

    Roller Skating in Golden Gate Park Has Major Cool Factor

    One of San Francisco’s longest running parties is roller skating in Golden Gate Park. Since the 1970s, skaters have dominated the park with their wowing talent and infectious spirit. Ross visits the Skatin’ Place to meet the “Godfather of Skate,” David Miles Jr., and learn about the origin of skate culture. Watch Ross take a spin.

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