Find Your Districts and Their Candidates for the 2022 California Primary Election

Unsure what districts you belong to for San Diego County? This guide is here to help

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Ballots have been mailed out, text messages asking for your support are being sent to your phone and chances are, you've seen an ad or two supporting candidates while flipping through the channels on your TV.

Although Election Day for the 2022 California Primary Election isn't until June 7, residents have already started their civic duty with mail-in ballots or by casting them at early voting centers.

If you're looking at your ballot and may be confused on what districts you can vote in, this handy guide can help:

How do districts work?

Here's the first thing you should know: Every San Diego County voter is a part of districts on the national level (The U.S. House and the U.S. Senate); on the state level (the California Assembly and the California Senate) and on the county level. Depending on which municipality you live in, there may also be districts for your city council, school board and other important contests.

What's my district for State and National Races?

Every California voter will get to decide on Governorship, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senator and other statewide races. But depending where you live, there are different districts for the California Assembly, the state Senate, U.S. Congress.

For a closer look at your primary candidates for those districts, use the interactive tool below. Enter your address and the tool will tell you what district you are a part of and your candidate options.

Find Your California Primary Candidates

Enter an address, city, county or zip code.

Note: The candidate order is randomized. Source: California Secretary of State
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What's my district for San Diego County races?

The county districts determine which supervisor represents you. The region has five districts from the most southwest corner of San Diego that borders Mexico to the furthest northeast near Riverside and Imperial Counties. For a better look at which district you belong to, click here for a map.

A look at the San Diego County districts map.

Races for the county

District 4 residents have the chance of re-electing Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher or selecting one of his two challengers – state-licensed investigator Amy Reichert or diversity inclusion coordinator Sidiqa Hooker.

For a more detailed look at what will be a closely watched race for this supervisorial district, click here.

What's my district for San Diego City Council races?

If you're a voter in San Diego, you may be asked to decide on a city council member.

There are a total of nine districts in America’s Finest City that stretch from San Ysidro to San Pasqual Valley. San Diegans who want to learn which city district they belong to can click here for more information.

Once on the county-created map, you can insert your address into the upper left corner to see which district you belong to.

City District Races

This primary election, District 2, 4, 6 and 8 residents will get to select their representative for city council. Here’s who’s in the running for those districts this election:

District 2:

  • Jen Campbell, incumbent candidate
  • Joel Day, public policy educator
  • Mandy Havlik, volunteer
  • Linda Lukacs, dentist and professor
  • Lori Saldaña, retired business technology professor
  • Daniel Smiechowski, real estate salesperson

District 4

  • Monica Montgomery Steppe, incumbent candidate
  • Gloria Evangelista, dietitian
  • Tylise Suseberry, legislative staffer

District 6

  • Tommy Hough, environmental non-profit worker and former radio host
  • Kent Lee, non-profit leader
  • Jane Glasson, special education assistant

District 8

  • Vivian Moreno, incumbent candidate
  • Antonio Martinez, community representative

Still unsure which districts you belong to? No need to fret -- the county has a handy map to offer some guidance. Just enter your address and the tool will tell you every district you're a part of, whether it's a race in this Primary Election or not.

For more information, click here and enter your address.

With Election Day for California's 2022 Primary Election just less than a month away, residents can already submit their ballots ahead of time. NBC 7's Audra Stafford shares what you should know.
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