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 San Diego's foster youth is in desperate need of help. It is estimated that approximately half of the 6,000 children in San Diego’s foster care system each year have no one—no parent, no relatives, no family friends—to look out for the child's best interests. They are alone in a complicated system that can rob much of the joy out of childhood.

In response to this crisis, Voices for Children Board of Directors met in September 2011 and dedicated themselves to Serve Every Child. Some of the Serve Every Child goals for the next five years include:
  • Provide CASAs to 3,200 foster children by 2015, tripling the number of children served with CASAs; 
  • Increase the number of trained volunteer advocates to 1,400 advocates (almost three times the current group of CASAs);
  • Increase the effectiveness of the CASA Program by developing programs to serve infants and toddlers, and teens preparing to exit the system;
  • Be a leader in the community in terms of advocating for improvements in the foster care system and raising awareness of the plight of foster children in San Diego County.
Although the foster care system is filled with talented, committed and passionate professionals, it is also a system that is overwhelmed and overburdened. You can help make sure no child is forgotten and that every child receives the services and advocacy that he/she deserves.
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